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8 Steps to Sales Success

How to become a professional in outside sales and key account management

Here you will learn:

  • The right mindset towards customers and sales
  • Professional preparation of your sales consultations
  • How to establish your customers’ needs and »real« buying motivations
  • How to sell your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) with the »ABC-Method«
  • How to use your phone as a professional tool
  • How to handle objections
  • How to recognise »objections/smoke screens«
  • How to close the deal

Afterwards you will be able to:

  • Sell more to satisfied customers
  • Deal with more varied personality types
  • Surprise your customers through better preparation
  • Listen more actively to the needs and motives of your customers
  • Lead the consultation through professional questions
  • Paint pictures in your customer’s mind via the phone
  • Deal with objections effectively
  • Distinguish between »smoke screens« and real objections
  • Utilise various closing techniques to get the sale


  • Up to 16 participants
  • Tailored to your company’s needs if done in-house
  • 4x4-Video-Training®
  • Personalised training video/SD-card for each participant is provided
  • Participants prepare a realistic case study for their own area of business
  • Scripts and handouts

Length: 3 days